With three shows a year to put on, we are always on the look out for directors to put forward shows and to guide them through auditions, rehearsals, and show week. If you don't quite have the time to dedicate to directing or perhaps want to dip your toe into the world of directing, you might want to try your hand at assistant directing. Read on to find out more about getting involved.


Each year, the committee opens up proposals for the following season's slots. Typically we have three slots available per year at the Bridewell Theatre. The membership is informed via email and potential directors are asked to put together a short online proposal about their chosen production for the committee to consider. We consider all sorts of genres and styles - we've put on everything from murder mysteries and light comedies to pantomimes, dramas and even a Victorian music hall. You can create proposals on our website all year around by clicking here and then choose slots when they become available.

Directing is a big responsibility, so if you're new to the society, we will normally pair you with an experienced assistant director where possible to make sure that things run smoothly for you, the cast and the group as a whole.


If your proposal is accepted by the committee, you'll be able to move forward with your preparations. You'll have some meetings with the committee and you'll discuss some of your requirements in more depth; we have an excellent team with years of experience just waiting to craft the perfect set and track down that bizarre prop that pops up in act two!

At this stage, you'll also be thinking about your auditions. We'll advertise them to over 500 people on our mailing list and your potential cast members will sign up on this website. We normally hold auditions at Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf. As well as your production team, you'll have the society's casting committee and chairperson on board to help you pick your cast and to keep the evening running smoothly.

After the auditions, you'll be able to let your cast know they've been selected and schedule in your first rehearsal.


We normally hold rehearsals at Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf. As the Barclays Dramatic Society, we get free space in which to rehearse and typically rehearsals are between 6.30 and 8.30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a couple of Sunday rehearsals in the lead up to a show (though alternative days, times and locations can be used if agreed by the committee and cast).

Show Week

Show week normally sees a great flurry of activity at the theatre. It begins the Saturday before your show with helping the cast load your set on to a van in south London. The Sunday is the day where you can actually get in to the theatre for the very first time. All cast and crew meet there in the morning to begin the task of getting the set constructed. You then have Monday and Tuesday nights to hold your tech and dress rehearsals before you hold your breath for those opening lines on the Wednesday night. Shows typically run until Saturday when everything happens in reverse with everyone helping out to take down the set and get it loaded on a van back to south London, before it is unloaded on Sunday morning. Of course everyone takes time out on the Saturday night after the show to celebrate its success in the theatre bar.


Unlike cast members, directors are not expected to pay a show fee for being part of a production. However, we expect all directors to be paying members of the society for the duration of the show's rehearsals and performances. Membership is an annual payment of £30.

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